to 1 day


Child *

to 1 day


* Children under 1 meter tall (accompanied by a paying adult) have free access. Children from 1 meter and up to 12 years (with document to prove age) pay child promotional value.

Passaport *

to 3 days


* Ticket individual and untransferable which can be used by calendar days from the date of first access.

Passaport *

to 7 days


* Ticket individual and untransferable which can be used by calendar days from the date of first access.

Purchase Card Recharge

The credits of your purchase card are transformed into tasty meals. Click here and save time. But don't spare the hunger.


In the middle of the day always gives you that hunger can not wait. Recharge your purchase card in advance and go straight to the point. The Beach Park provides delicious meals and snacks. There are several options of flavors and you do not stop having fun or time to recharge.


Minimum Recharge R$ 50,00

Ammount (R$):

Large Locker

You don't need much things to have fun. Ensure your space in one of our lockers and protect your belongings safely.

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Phone, towel, clothes, car keys, hotel card. So many things can messing up the fun. Rent one of our lockers and take with you only the good humor and joy.

Cabanas Space

And if you want take a nap in the middle of the day? If you and your family are looking for privacy and comfort, it's time to book a space in Cabanas Area.

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If you desire to give a pause, the Cabanas space is the right address. With comfort and convenience, everyone will be able to relax without leaving the fun. Book now and guarantee your point of support for the family.

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It's very easy to contact with the Beach Park complex, just fill out the form below with your personal details and write your message. His answer will come as soon as possible.

Beach Park has over 18 unforgettable attractions, rated as radical, moderate or for the whole family. Besides the security and quality of our rides, it is impossible not to notice the entire atmosphere of the destination. Our staff works with the pleasure of making you happy. In addition, the beach, besides bringing good vibes, is a plus. We are one of the few beachfront water parks in the world.